Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pawduct Box?

Pawduct Box is a monthly goodie box for pups and dogs of all ages and sizes.

What is inside each box?

              Each monthly box contains a combo of at least 4 treats and toys that have earned the approval of our very own Chief Tasting Officer. Each month is inspired by a theme, and don't you worry! All treats are carefully sourced, both locally and internationally and we rotate the types of items each month so your dog will never EVER get bored. You can always expect fresh surprises and fresh experiences in every box!

We bring tons of thought, research and time to make every month’s box worthy of your dog. We choose only high quality vendors using top ingredients in their treats, your dog health and happiness is our primary concerns.

We’re proud of our boxes for creating experiences that delight and enrich your dog, every month. We could try to put it into words, but honestly, your dog says it better than any of us.

How do I join Pawduct Box?

This is our favorite question! We’d love to have you and your pup in the pack! #teampawduct!

Just click the "Get Started" button at Select the size of your dog and then select which PawductBox plan you'd like. Once you fill in the billing information, we ask for your shipping info and a bit of information about your dog. Then, you're ready to go!

By the way- All subscriptions renew automatically unless you cancel. For example, if you sign up for 12 months of PawductBox and cancel your subscription, you’ll get 12 boxes and that’s it. If you don’t cancel, you’ll receive 12 PawductBoxes and your plan will renew on the 5th of your renewal month. If you want to close your account right away, reach out to [email protected]

So it's like subscribing to watch your favorite American Series. Only instead of enjoying it on the couch alone, but you're enjoying creating pawsome memories with your favorite dog! AND watching the series together. awwwww!

How much does Pawduct Box cost?

It depends on your plan! But our twelve month plan is the very best deal. Not only do you get a discount, but it helps us plan ahead and make larger donations to shelter dogs all over Thailand.

              1 month: ฿995/month
              3 month: ฿990/month or ฿2,970 upfront (save 16%!)
6 month: ฿965/month or ฿5,790 upfront (save 19%!)
12 month: ฿850/month or ฿10,200 upfront (save 29%!)

Please keep in mind all prices are in THB.

How much is delivery cost?

Shipping is always FREE! (Note: We currently only ship in Thailand)

Why should I choose your box?

Our very own #teampawduct, do our very best to personalize and customize the items for you and your beloved fur friend. Other boxes send all dogs the same stuff regardless of dog size and chewing styles. So we have XS toys for small breeds and super bigger size for larger breeds.

The products we will send you are of the highest quality (every pieces tested by our very own pack), unique brands and awesomely cool products you might have never seen before. We encourage you to try varieties just to make sure your pal never get bored!

If your dog doesn't love something, please pleaseeeee give us a shout and we will send you something else. :)"

My dog is a heavy chewer, can you help?

Of course! Our very own Chief Testing Officer, Sydney, is also a heavy chewer and she needs special toys. Ones that last more than 2 minutes. LOL.

Please let us know when subscribing, so we will send you uber durable items such as rubber, rope and chew toys. Something plush and soft will never be sent to you.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your plan will automatically renew on the 5th of the renewal month.

For example, you subscribe to a 3 month plan starting January. You will receive your 1st box within 3 business days. Your 2nd and 3rd box will be shipped out on the 20th of February and 20th of March respectively. AND your plan will automatically renew for another 3 month on the 5th of April. So be sure to cancel your plan before that happens shall you wish to stop... BUTTTT please don't go. Excitement never ends for your dog(s).

How do I cancel my plan?

Noooo! Please don't go. We'll miss you and your pup, especially your pup. hehehe

Here's how:
1. Log-in to your PawductBox account
2. Click "Cancel My Plan"

Please take note: we have to process subscriptions by the 5th of each month in order to make sure we can package, label and ship all of the Pawduct Boxes by the 20th. Renewals are processed on the 5th of each month unless noted otherwise.

If you cancel in the middle of a 6 or 12 month plan, you will continue to receive Pawduct Box for the length of the contract, and the cancellation will take effect at the end of your plan. If you want to stop receiving Pawduct Box before the scheduled end of your plan, please contact us directly.

​Thank you for giving Pawduct Box a try. Please email us at [email protected] if there was anything we could have done to make your pup happier!